What Is Cool? Interpreting the Idea in The Cool Kids by Katy Waldman

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When defining the term “cool,” what factors do you take into consideration in order to describe what “cool” is? Do you think of “cool” regarding popular culture or the type of “cool” that someone has as a type of characteristic. In her article The Cool Kids, Katy Waldman, assistant editor of, addresses the variations of cool and how it is something that differs between people. In this essay, I will be discussing how Waldman addresses her audience with relatable examples in order to show the differences between what is considered “cool” as well as the many interpretations of it. In The Cool Kids, Waldman shares common interests with her audience concerning the ideas of cool. The audience that Waldman addresses is adults around there 20’s and is interested in popular culture. Waldman first begins her article with her own experience of what was considered cool throughout middle school. She utilizes examples of different television series that were once considered cool, as well as different fashion trends that only cool kids wore throughout those years. Through her own experience, Waldman is able to draw a connection to her audience as her audience has most likely experienced scenarios that were similar. Since her audience is people who are concerned about the current events regarding popular culture, it is guaranteed that they have all gone through the struggle of trying to keep up with popular culture, whether it is trying to keep up with the latest television

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