What Is Early Human Migration?

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Studying the history of early humanity can come with many questions. For example, the earliest humans migrated to the Americas by crossing a land bridge at Bering Strait during the last ice age. However, the oldest known human settlement is found in South America. The reason why is not entirely clear, but pieces of the puzzle are coming together. This settlement is called Monte Verde, and is located in Chile. Discovered in 1975, scientists have dated the site to 12,000 BC. This date makes Monte Verde about 1000 years older than any other known community in the Americas.
Several theories have been offered about how humans made their way to Monte Verde. One theory, supported by genetic evidence, suggests that the humans who migrated over the land bridge found the environment too harsh to stay. These humans might have chosen to migrate further south, following the west coast of the continent. Perhaps they traveled by the sea. …show more content…

Yet these sites are not as old as Monte Verde. Scientists believe that sea levels rose significantly after the period of migration. Thus, older sites along the western part of the continent may be submerged under the water.
No matter how Monte Verde was settled, scientists theorize that the site is linked to the Clovis people. The Clovis lived in areas of North and Central America as early as 11,200 BC. Despite the lack of physical evidence, the Clovisn people are considered the most likely inhabitants of ancient Monte Verde.
Monte Verde has been continuously inhabited for more than 14,600 years. Though the true origins of its first residents are not yet known, this mystery is slowly being

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