What Is Epilepsy Affecting Adolescents?

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Epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which nerve cell activity is disturbed by abnormal electrical activity in the brain, causing seizures. While researching the neurological disorder of Epilepsy, I found many websites and articles about the struggle it provides for all who have been diagnosed. Epilepsy affects every aspect of a person’s daily life. From behavior and emotions to work and education, Epilepsy provides a series of obstacles a person has to go through. These difficulties are drastically increased when an adolescent is diagnosed. Adolescents face many challenges when dealing with Epilepsy during a crucial time of body development. Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological condition affecting adolescents. This is a time of drastic change in growth, hormones, and mental development. As a child, peer interaction is a crucial for developing social skills. But, adolescents with Epilepsy feel disconnected from their peers because of their disorder. They feel as though they are different, because not everyone their age deals with the difficulties associated with …show more content…

Epilepsy is a disorder that compromises a lot of a child's independence. Many are doubtful they will ever drive a car. Some are concerned that their Epilepsy will get in the way of them becoming a parent. Many fear that eventually, their seizures will be what kills them. After researching about the effects of Epilepsy has on the life if not only adolescents, but on all epileptics, I have found that it is one the most difficult disorders to adjust living with. Epilepsy is a very crippling disorder, taking away most of a person's independence. But, there are also ways to overcome these struggles. With the support from loved ones, many Epilepsy patients are able to live their lives the same as any other person- one day at a

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