What Is Flirting Essay

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I think I will not be mistaken if I say: just few people know what is real flirting, and even fewer of them are able to really flirt. But there are also those who believe that flirting is a foolish waste of time. And in vain …
Art of flirting lasts for many ages. Perhaps, since the times when more or less intelligent beings of different sexes (eg, mammals) appeared on earth. Mammals used it at the level of unconscious instincts, while people created sophisticated art of it.
If you look in explanatory dictionaries, we can find a definition of flirting: “Love game. Coquetry.” Therefore, in relationship between men and women flirt was laid by definition. And by the way, it is done regardless of events during which these relationships are based …show more content…

After all, flirting has all positive aspects of love, sexuality, and is deprived of all negative aspects of these relations. Flirt does not imply suffering, resentment, tears, conflicts and even dramas and tragedies. Flirting people do not promise anything to each other.
You are not expected by disappointment of failure, because in the process of flirting, you do not offer anything. Flirting people just learn each other, get experience with the opposite sex. Undoubtedly, flirt teaches a culture of sexual behavior: an ability to express affection without words, and hold an interesting conversation.
Flirt benefits both young and mature, unmarried, and married. It adds the elements of game, lightness, ease, it helps to refresh senses. And by the way, it is noticed that those who can and like to flirt, are free and self-assured people, and less prone to stress.
In fact, flirting is implementing two basic human needs - pleasure and communication. But, of course, through flirting, you can also get a lot of other useful …show more content…

What? Where? When?
So. I think all now understand what is flirt. Flirt - no sex, no courtship, no betrayal. Flirt - love game, starting with a game and ending with the same game.
The next very reasonable question: where to flirt? Imagine, everywhere. Experience has shown that there are no places unsuitable for flirtation. Men and women flirt with success in any place.
Still, to get a good flirt, you need to answer a question: when can I do flirt? Because you need to objectively assess the situation and determine how to properly flirt in appropriate circumstances.
But the main thing - with whom?
And the last thing you should answer - whom to flirt with? Here you will have to evaluate yourself and a partner, and yourself for this particular partner. First of all, understand whether the object is ready to flirt, whether he is ready to love game. Do not impose flirt on someone, who does not want to take it. Flirt only with men, whom you feel equally attractive. But, of course, if a more attractive man starts flirting with you - response him, he had already made his choice and thereby increased your chances. And evaluate your physical appearance not on standards of beauty, for flirting you need charm, subtle spell, “spark” in

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