What Is John Adams Contribution To Society

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One of the most influential men of all time who played a key role in the American struggle for independence and for years afterward comes across by the name of John Adams. He made many contributions to the development of the United States. He was born on October 30, 1735 and died on July 4, 1826. Adams was brilliant and honest man with an independent mind. He was married to Abigail Adams, and they had five kids. John Adams was highly successful in all that he did. He is nicknamed as the “Atlas of Independence”, and he knew what the country needed in order to united. On March 5, 1770, the Boston Massacre occurred when a small group of British soldiers shot four white men and one black man in a crowd. Paul Revere’s inaccurate depiction of it served to inflame the colonists. The soldiers were arrested, and the Sons of Liberty wanted the soldiers to be put on trial, convicted, and then executed. John Adams wanted to be famous, so he got on the case. Regardless of the consequences, Adams defended the soldiers feeling …show more content…

He was in the chair every day, all day, without fail, which was a point of pride with him, but also of some worry, since he knew such sedentary confinement to be good neither for the body nor the spirit of “a man habituated for a long course of years to long voyages and immense journeys.”] (McCullough 434) In all eight years of Adams serving vice president, he cast the most tie-breaking votes in history. He voted in preventing war that involved Great Britain and its allies, and he voted for an embargo to be placed on goods that were imported from other countries. Adams also voted that he did not want to enforce the bill that would restrain America from trading with Great Britain. It would hurt the economy tremendously. His achievements as Vice President would soon gain him the spot to serve as the second President in the United

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