What Is Justice? Plato 's Republic

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What is justice? In Plato’s Republic, this question is asked between Socrates and other conversationalists. In the beginning of this work, many different definitions of justice are debated. However, to provide clarity, Socrates proposes that, instead of discussing what justice is, they should apply the term holistically and try to imagine justice in an “ideal city.” From this, the city of Kallipolis was created. Prior to Kallipolis being thought of, the idea of the first city, or the “City of Pigs” was created. It was in this city that the Principle of Separation came to life. The Principle of Separation is the idea that societies are formed for a particular purpose. Plato believed that, no single person working alone can fulfill an entire society’s needs. For a society to succeed, the responsibilities must be separated and specialized, “each person does one thing for which he is naturally suited and does it at the opportune moment, because his time is freed from all others” (textbook page 101). For example, one man making all of the shoes, one woman growing all of the vegetables, etc. This provides the key to developing a worthwhile society. Everyone is so busy doing their own tasks that they do not have time for conflict. For Plato, no conflict also meant no need for justice-eliminating the question of “what is justice?” altogether. Developing the idea of separation even further, the city of pigs, by request of Glaucon, is transformed into the luxurious city, or the…
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