What Is Lane Bryant In Relation To Self-Concept?

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Riding the Plus Size Wave
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CS 10-1 Explain the success of Lane Bryant in relation to self-concept, self-esteem, and self-consciousness. How can they leverage what we know about consumer behavior in these areas in order to address self-esteem issues?
Self-concept is the belief a person has about their attributes and how they see these qualities. Also, self-esteem is how a person emotionally judges their self-worth and contributes towards their attitude within themselves. Lane Bryant has been one of the prominent plus size retailers since the 1900’s and continues to grow with the new emergence of a self-realization culture. Lane Bryant, as well as other retailers, have succeeded in their marketing efforts by focusing on the self-concept that women are beautiful at any size. It is supported by the sales at Lane Bryant that if a woman believes in her self-concept, she will purchase high fashion and expensive
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Given the health problems associated with obesity (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) should the industry continue to encourage this acceptance?
Our society and advertisers have placed a large amount of emphasis on being thin no matter how much this new era of self-images is emerging. Society will continue to make their dietary choices despite this acceptance industry movement. Frankly, the fashion industry should encourage and promote proper eating habits and daily exercise for specific body types as opposed to stating that a particular body shape is acceptable. As individuals, we are created with different body types, and this is what we as a society should be our focus. Also, retailers should examine what works for a particular body type along with publicizing healthy lifestyle habits for
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