What Is Liberty?

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When being purposed the question “What is liberty?” one can only delve into the many different avenues that is possible to form the answer. Each of the philosophers we studied has a different outlook on what exactly the word liberty means and how it correlates with society, these are the avenues in which we will venture through to form our thought. Historically and politically speaking, liberty is one of the most controversial philosophies brought to the table and the arguments that have followed have been numerous and scattered out across a political spectrum. It's important when discussing liberty and all that entails it to first understand that not all philosophers are talking about the same concept of liberty in their stances. Positive liberty and negative liberty are the two different notions to an overall thought. These two approaches to liberty could be seen in some light as two parallel thoughts that ultimately lead to the same rhetoric. But, they are complete rivals politically, and philosophically. Within the two aspects you have several different philosophers and their contrasting views that follow. From Locke to Bentham and Mill these philosophers explain that there are many interpretations of what liberty is, and could be. When looking at history in retrospect the word liberty can almost be pinned to every event in some fashion. But, before you can understand those events and what liberty meant in the context, you must understand both…

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