Why Is Military Force Justified?

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The assumed solution to today’s many problems, especially between countries, is war. Killing, genocide, torture, violence and suffering will not solve anything rather just bring fear and vengeance. I personally think calling in the national guards to contain the rioters in various situations isn’t always the best solution to the problem because rioters want their voice to be heard through, all they want is to negotiate they don’t always intend for violence. If the local police cannot handle the situation then military force should be called in the absolute worse situation when citizens lives are at risk. Military force shouldn’t be called in for riots or protests. It only aggravates the rioters and protestors. Not solving the situation. It’s…show more content…
The important question, however, is when it’s justified. What is military force exactly? It’s when a country’s military, also known as its armed forces, have no other choice but to use deadly force and weapons to support the interest of the state and of it’s citizens. This means casing fire on the enemy, dropping bombs from planes, detonating nuclear warheads, even restoring biological warfare. It’s something many countries of the world have means and desires to do even some of the minor less economically developed countries. So when is military forced justified? Some say military force is justified when there is an impending threat to one’s borders. Which to a point is understandable, If the situation can not be solved through negotiations then depending on the situation military force should be used as justifiable. IF a country is on the verge of being invaded, it’s military should have the right to use military force. In the past there have been many who have fried to using military force, violence, force to gain power and ones trust by putting fear into
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