What Is Mirror Monsters Essay

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“Mirror Monsters” “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all”. The mirror, mirror, face the mirror, look in the mirror and tell me what you see. Yourself? Look deeper, harder, look inside that person you see in the mirror. Is it still yourself? Tell me what you see. Is it you or your enemy. This mirror reminds me of something, someone. It reminds me of an experience in my life, it reminds me of who I was. Before, when I look in the mirror I just see myself. But now when I look in the mirror I see somebody else. I looked deeper and harder, I see someone who I need to conquer. I have a story to tell, June 19,2017, It was a start of a new chapter in my life. I decided to study here in University of San Carlos in Cebu far away from my …show more content…

I was excited to meet new people and to start a new life in this University. As time went by, I was changing. I was becoming someone else. When the grades were released, I looked at it in the site where we find our grades and announcements about our school. I got uneasy when I saw my grades then I asked myself. What is wrong? Why are my grades like this? I told my mom and explained to her how I am still adjusting and having a hard time. She understood, but deep inside I knew I was pretending. I knew that it wasn’t the real reason to how my grades were, I just didn’t notice at first. Day after day, I put in my mind that I am still adjusting and having a hard time but I was blinded by that reason. Then I realized, my performance is very different from how it was before. I started to do things, which I don’t usually do, like drinking and a lot more that brought in consequences. Then I faced the mirror and asked myself, what is the matter? Why are you changing? What are the factors of this change? I screamed and asked for an answer only to get nothing mainly because I can’t admit the answer. I told myself things that made me more feel

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