What makes a good teacher? Essay

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In my opinion, a good teacher should be one who puts her heart into teaching. This is because only by doing so will the students feel their passion and hard work. When a teacher strives hard for the students, students will put in their effort as well. If a teacher dislikes her job, goes to classes in a bad mood, her teaching would also be affected and students would not be able to enjoy lessons as well.

Another point that makes a good teacher would be his/her patience. Teachers should not get upset or even worse, give up on the students who are not so strong in their studies. Instead, they should have the patience to slowly coach them, give them extra lessons, and find different ways to encourage them. Let them know that the teacher
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It would be better if the teacher is able to find common topics to chat with the students. This would let the students feel like they can relate better to the teacher.

“You must not give up. I want to let you know that even if you’re facing so many problems, and feel like there’s no one to talk to, I'll be here for you. Everyone else might want to be the sun that lights up your life, but I rather be the moon that guides you through your darkest hours. Let’s strive hard and work toward our goal together!” This was what my high school teacher told me 10 years ago and I have remembered it until now, and will remember it for the next 10 years and so on.

I was once a problematic kid who mixed with bad company and flunk tests. I never thought about what I was going to do the next day, what more when I grew up. Of course when I was younger, I had lots of dreams. I wanted to set up my own company, I wanted to be a teacher, I wanted to be able to drive an airplane and the list went on. But as the years went by, they became less insignificant to me and soon, I forgot every single one of those dreams and goals. I got to a new school and knew friends who smoke and took drugs. My grades started dropping from “A” to fails. But I did not care. I could not be bothered by then. I went partying every night and got home drunk. What was the point of studying? My parents are
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