What Is My First Horse Essay

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Horses big beautiful and majestic also a little intimidating animals. They are also a therapeutic animal. Where i have grown up at there has always been a empty stall and arena from when my mom had a horse when my parents first got married. We eventually fixed it all up to where it could contain a horse which was really exciting. This all started from ridding horses for speech therapy, it was so much fun to where i started to want a horse.
When I was 10 my dreams came true and I got my first horse. Her name was Shesha, she was only a 23 years old, jet black, quarter horse. The first time I let her in the arena to play she ran, bucked and rolled. It was really fun to watch. After she played for quite a while i decided to try and chach her, it didn’t quite work out that way, she ran away from me for quite awhile until I decided to grabbed a carrot and broke it in half with that i found out that she really liked carrots because when she heard that sound she actually came over to me to eat the carrot. Which was so nice to find out.
I also found out that she loved French fries it was pretty funn how i found this out. During Christmas …show more content…

Because the longer you wait to do anything for that horse the worse it will get for you. Because if you cant feed the horse it will get skinner and skinner, if you. Cant feed them then you wont be able to afford to get shots twice a year for the horse to keep out infections and you defenently wont be able to have the horse feet trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Which would then be put on the person how came in and confiscated the skinny and uncared for on the horse. An example of this is a pony that I obtained from a family that was not taking care of the pony that I eventually named

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