What Is Nucor's Failure

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1. Give a synopsis of the case. Nucor's has had a stimulating company history that emerged from two corporate failures. Nuclear Corp. which objective was to participate in the conglomerate trend popular at the time. Nuclear at this time acquired a various high-tech business, such as radiation sensors, semiconductors rare earth, and air conditioning equipment. The company did not create profits and was eventually reorganized in 1966 with Ken Iverson in charge. Iverson should be viewed as the founding father of what we know as Nucor today. Iverson was hired because of his great knowledge and experience of both Aeronautical engineering and business management. He singled handily prevent Nucor's 1965 Bankruptcy by liquidity and permanently closing esoteric, unprofitable, unrelated, high-tech divisions and concentrated on the steel joist business. This action proved to be successful. Nucor contained on this successful trend by opening additional joist plants and in 1968 …show more content…

The company has invested in the employees to achieve their company success. Nucor maintains low costs by keeping the employee force at the level it should be, not doing things that aren't necessary to achieve our goals, and allowing people to function on their and their own and by judging them on their results. To keep a cooperative and productive workforce you need, number one to be completely honest about everything, number two to allow each employee as much as possible to make decisions about their work , to find easier and more productive ways to perform duties and their and number three, to be as fair as possible to all employees. As an HR Major, I can really appreciate this method of self-evaluation and feedback process. I think this a bit too much independence in my opinion but I really do think that this is a great exercise to gain feedback from lower level employees on daily task to keep cost down and a productive

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