Company Analysis: Nucor Steel

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Executive Summary Problem Statement Nucor Steel is one of the major steel producers in the world and a market leader in America that is facing a threat of competitive pressures from potential international players. Analysis Over the years Nucor emerged as a market leader in the American steel producing industry due to its sustainable growth strategies and incorporation of sophisticated technologies that enables the company to grow exponential and become a market leader by offering high quality steel products at lower costs. The company backed its growth strategies by massive integration in the American market. However, this growth strategy proved to be predominant in capturing the American market thus ignoring the potential competitive threats that could come from foreign steel producers. This included both steel producers integrating with American minimills and foreign producers who used America as a lucrative export market and dumped their products. Alternatives and Recommendations Nucor must now consider the need to keep up with the changing dynamics of a globalized corporate world. Nucor already has a business model that proved to be successful in the American markets. Using the same business model, Nucor should now consider penetrating and exploiting other international markets that promise low costs of production and higher revenue generation such as India and China. This could be done by either setting up operations in those countries or getting into
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