What Is Person Centred Approach

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Rogers’s person centred theory and aspects of its practice have been subjected to quite some criticism over the years. Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson (2012), In his book ‘against therapy’ confronts the core conditions of person centred therapy by arguing that a therapist is only able to superficially suspend his judgement because the session is limited to a certain time duration. He, further suggests that in this manner, the therapist is not truly himself with the client or else he would judge the client the way he judges everyone else outside his office. However Masson acknowledges that this “all accepting” pretence under which the client is treated may prove helpful but entirely goes against entirely the core value of person centred therapy which is genuineness.…show more content…
Correspondingly, Combs (1988) proposed that because therapists using person centred approach do not know what’s best for their clients, they’re usually hesitant towards guiding or teaching them. He opines that person centred counsellors should take the responsibility of teaching clients how to achieve their goals and make hence, make significant changes. Furthermore, According to Nye (1981) the person centred approach is unreasonably general. I.e. it lacks clearly well-defined terms for its techniques. For Thomson & Rudolph (1988), person centred approach is modelled upon clients that are intelligent, literate, and highly perceptive of their
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