Examples Of Racial Inequalities In Education

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Racial and Socioeconomic Inequalities in Education
Topic: Inequalities in education
Purpose: Examine issues of inequality in education in regard to race and socioeconomic status
Thesis: Public education is mandatory for youths across our country, with the intention of preparing them for the world, yet, statistics indicate that students of color aren’t receiving the same attention or resources as their white counterparts. “I say to you, quite frankly, that the time for racial discrimination is over.” Is a statement that most people can get behind in today’s world, where news of racial injustice sprouts up seemingly every day from across the globe. The call for equality in the United States has been around since its genesis as a colony, with different eras finding various cases of success. Such examples could include: the abolition of slavery, the legalization of interracial marriage or the desegregation of public schools. Even with these cases, and many others, standing tall as marks of progress, our country could use further reform in the education department. It has become apparent, through much research, that desegregating schools by law doesn’t clean up the internal prejudice present in many of our classrooms today. Before we delve into displays of racism in our modern institution, a briefing of how this dilemma has persisted for the duration of our history may provide some useful insight. Since the inception of schooling in the American colonies, minorities have
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