What Is Social Work and Why Is It Needed Essay

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“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” E - Edith Wharton
Social work is a profession that helps in improving the quality of life and wellbeing of people or communities. This essay analyses and underpins the understanding of the nature of social work from diverse perspectives. It also throws light on the need for social work …show more content…

The rich is getting richer and the poor is getting the poorer. The gap between the rich and poor not only persists, but continues to widen and the ideology justifying it has managed to be pervasive. Social workers are charged with the responsibility of bringing to public notice the values, attitudes, behaviours and social structures and economic imperatives that cause or contribute to the oppression of human welfare and rights. They are further charged with the duty to respond, with passion and hope, to human need wherever and however it is manifested, and to work towards the attainment of social justice for individuals, groups and communities in a local and global context. (Chenoweth & McAuliffe, 2012, p. 16)
According to Parton, a social worker, over the years acts as an advocate and mediator between those individuals, groups and communities who are actually or potentially excluded from the mainstream of society (Parton 2004). Sheafor and Horejsi (2008, pp. 4-5) consider that the primary purpose of social work should focus on the interconnectedness and interdependence of people and the power of social relationships that underpins a profession devoted to helping people improve the quality and effectiveness of those interactions and relationships- in other words to enhance their social functioning.
The broad overview of the mission of social work and its core values complied by Reamer (1998) from North American literature on social work values and ethics

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