What Is Taking Chances Essay

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I always thought that in life to succeed, we have to take risks. Can we imagine, for an instant, our life without any complication through the "road"?. For most people that would be a complete dream, but we are in the real world and that wouldn't be credible. Taking risks it is an enormous part of our existence or should I say that "risks" are the most important part of our existence?. For example, even before being humans we had to take the risk and compete with 150 million of other 'little me' and arrive at our mom's through a scientific development that most of you should know and that I won't explain in here. As I was saying life, it is all about chances and sometimes we succeed or we fall, but it's all because those are the ways to complete our goals and be ourselves through our entire journey.

There are many motivations why we should taking chances. Besides, it is satisfactory for our soul and vivacity. For example, taking risks make us more comfortable, stronger and self-confident. Being self-confident doesn't …show more content…

Nobody could live without waking up in the morning and not take a chance that day. It can be whatever thing it comes to the mind: talk for the first time to the guy you like, say sorry to a person that you haven't talk to for a while, ask to the boss some vacations days or just with the idea of changing your hair color to pink, at the end of the day it is still a risk. Living in fear makes us little points in the world without no expectations in life and that makes us weak. Do not be scared of being who you'll like to be or to take an opportunity. If something came up to our mind and stay there it is worth the risk. Trust the feelings, take chances and learn from past mistakes.It doesn't matter if we fail at the end life brings us where we have to be, let's not be scared about choices life is all about that. It is always better an 'Oh, I did it!' than a 'What if..'. Take risks life is

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