What Is The Cause Of Josh Duggar's Behavior

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Josh and Anna Duggar have been through a lot recently. Josh hasn't been featured on their reality shows for a while now, but it turns out that Josh is about to get his return to reality television. Jill & Jessa: Counting On was renewed for another season, and it turns out that Josh will be part of this show. Hollywood Life shared the news today. Josh wasn't featured on the first season of the show at all.

Josh Duggar spent six months in a sex rehab after his scandal came out. A source shared that Josh Duggar will be part of the show. The source said, "Josh will appear on the next season of his sisters’ series. The plan is for him to address everything he’s done. What he has to say will be ratings gold, and TLC — and the Duggars — know it."
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The source went on to share details saying, "Josh will cover everything and he will maintain the family line that god has saved his soul and guided him back to the right path. But one thing you probably won’t hear is that he’s actually sorry, as he believes that external forces were to blame for his behavior."

The source shared that Jim Bob Duggar is really happy about Josh returning to the show. He can't wait to see what it does for their ratings. There is no word about how soon Josh Duggar will be on the show, but you can expect to see him when it starts airing later this summer.

As Raw Story shared, Josh Duggar and the family recently dressed up like cows and went to Chick-Fil-A to get free food. Josh hasn't been seen in pictures at all lately, but Duggar friend Sierra Jo Dominguez posted a photo of the family, and Josh is in what appears to be a white t-shirt colored with a black marker to look like a cow. This was a huge family photo.

Josh Duggar has been staying out of the public eye totally, but now that he is being seen in photos and is returning to Jill & Jessa: Counting On, fans are curious to see if Josh's life is starting to get back to normal. It has been a long road for Josh Duggar, but his wife and kids are still by his side through it
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