What Is The Cross Over Of The Lacrosse Club To A Team Sport?

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Hello, I want to thank you for meeting with me regarding the cross over of the lacrosse club to a team sport in the 2018 season. I have great respect for you and the roles that you have at Millikan. I've witnessed your efforts and have been impressed with what you've done at Millikan. Kevin has engaged the community in a way which has brought Millikan sports more respect and awareness. Dan has coached and guided staff in a common sense way of dealing with parents as well as maintaining a pragmatic approach to larger ideas. In this I am sincere. I've taken two days to consider the conversation from Tuesday and find myself still asking the question, 'What is the hurdle in starting lacrosse as a team sport in 2018?' I've listened very …show more content…

Those that are high school level are not associated with high schools and appear not to have seasons in the Spring. (Orange County Lacrosse Association: ISSUE: Home Practice ACTIONS: Except track team sports are not using the stadium field. One conversation with Coach Perry centered around making it happen and 'its about time' in his words. CONSEQUENCE: Opportunity to have an hold practices on half field. Our budget has allocated funds for nets to stop pass balls. We have presented a practice start time of 4pm which avoids almost all conflicts. A practice time of 3:30 seems to also work well. ISSUE: Home Games ACTIONS: Track schedule indicates three away meets. If we planned to have two games at night that would give the potential for a ten game season. Which would be very adequate. CONSEQUENCE: no negative consequences. Lacrosse club already has funds ($2000) to support chalking of field and referees. Positive consequences include the promotion of a team sport that works for other athletes that may not have the size or speed to compete in other sports. ISSUE: Player Periods / PE Credit ACTIONS: Prepared parent/student survey seeking input on whether they would participate knowing that this semester students would not receive PE credit nor would they have a sports period. Survey not issued at this time. CONSEQUENCE: With a

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