What Is The Declaration Of Independence Persuasive Essay

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The third source I looked was an article which is ‘First tobacco, now sugar. Next they’ll regulate our trousers’. The purpose of this article is to persuade the government not to step in and tell people what to eat, drink and how to be healthy because people have their own rights to live, however they decide to live. This article is both sided for and against as well because the source has an interesting fact that drink fizzy drinks are not good for our health as it contain a lot of sugar. This point I have used as a for because this point tells me that not only changing the food will help you to stay away from obesity, drinking a lot of fizzy drink might link to serious disease like being obese. A quote to prove my point is “do you know that fizzy drinks and chocolate are bad …show more content…

Which tells us that low budget people won’t be thinking about healthy food and they will choose to eat unhealthy food because it is cheaper to buy and affordable for everybody. I have written this same quote in my essay because I think when governments are going to add taxes on food, then it would be difficult for low budget to buy and I have used this quote against the government because this tells us that governments want to save more money but actually it is going to make difficult for some people to buy healthy food. The last interesting fact which I have used in my essay against the government should let the people, however they want to leave because the person’s life belongs to them not to the government and government can’t force people to eat healthy food which some people find it very boring and no taste when you are eating healthy

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