What Is The Difference Between Antigone And Haemon

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Intro: Haemon could be eliminated from the story because although he loved Antigone, the fact that he loved her wouldn’t cause her to still be alive at the end of the play and he doesn’t make and big decisions in the play and when he dies, it is just another death.

Paragraph 1:
T: Although
R: Haemon and Antigone did love each other, their love wasn’t a turning point in the play which causes him to be the one most likely to be eliminated from the story
E: “If you are a woman, yes-- my concern is all for you.” line
E: Creon has just forbidden Haemon and Antigone to be together but in a matter of lines Haemon dies, so even though their love was strong it didn’t change the play’s ending. Haemon was killed a few lines later, it was blunt and

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