What Is The Effect Of Media On Body Image

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The world has become bombarded with media through television, computers, phones, etc. This rapid widespread use of electronics has brought a negative view towards the shape and size of the body. Studies show that exposure to such media plays a negative effect on the body image such body dissatisfaction. In America, the ideal body types for women are mostly shown are smaller and thinner than average, even portraying obesity as something negative (Eyal and Te’eni-Harari, 2013). Thinness is shown as a characteristic of being socially accepted which makes this body type desirable throughout America (McCabe, Butler, and Watt, 2007). As for men, the ideal body type tends to be more muscular and tone, portraying that big is better. (Barlett, Saucier,…show more content…
These studies have taken groups of young women and older women to compare the effects of media on their body image. There is a higher focus on adolescent females than young adult females, but there is a lack of research comparing different age groups together. (Eyal and Te’eni-Harari, 2013). In general, each experiment was conducted to determine the effects media on women in order to see whether or not this effected their levels of stress, self-esteem, depression, and eating habits. The relationship between males and body image hasn't really been studied due to females being exceptionally effected by the media. However, as explored later there are a few studies related to males that will be explained. The research is conducted by having the male participants look muscular images and measuring self-esteem and body esteem (McCabe, Butler, and Watt,…show more content…
They also used a variety of materials to gain information such as T.V., magazines, pictures, and questions. In conclusion of this study, appearance satisfaction, self-esteem, and imitation of others decreased dramatically. The study also concluded that more exposure to media, decreased the appearance satisfaction in girls. For testing of desire for thinness, girls, as young as 6, were shown young female silhouette drawings, ranging from skinny to large shapes and asked which body shape would they like to have. This test was done once a year for two years in order to see if they would have a higher or lower rating of their body image as they aged. The experiment showed after a year their desire for thinness had a negative increase, but their satisfaction for body image was still relatively high. This may have been because the desire of thinness is not yet associated with their body image until older. In order to determine whether this is true or not, they needed to have a larger sample group with a variety of
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