What Is The End Of The Great Gatsby's Life

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In this masterpiece of a novel The Great Gatsby, a classic literature written a phenomenal author by the name of F.Scott Fitzgerald Gatsby a millionaire having past relationship with the main characters Nick Carraway cousin’s wife Daisy Buchanan who is married to Tom Bohannon. Gatsby on the edge of the metal rail, glancing over at the Green bright light, the dreams, hopes, and future of Gatsby shining back at him where Daisy Buchanan lives of the on east side of the island. The days of their fairytale relationship comes to a rude and unexplainable end that leaves one of these love birds in a tough situation of having a lonely life. The day before a special day for any man or woman would love to have in their life-time,for the lovely Daisy Buchanan her wedding, She’s holding in her hand a letter from Gatsby and with a wine glass in the other preparing to enter her doomsday . The appearance of The Great Gatsby has vanished out of the lovely Jordan Baker’s life when she need and wanted him the most.…show more content…
Planning this sneaky scim to find the love of his life.Very often Mr.Gatsby would the biggest, wildest,classiest,life changing party’s, but just not for the fun of it. But to hopefully see Mrs Daisy Buchannon one night she her walk into his huge parties and spot Mr.Gatsby to rekindle their loving relationship that the both of them Mr.Gatsby and the heart stealing Mrs. Daisy Buchanan will continue their love lives like they both dreamed and hope to until the end of
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