What Is The Film Twelve Monkeys?

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The film ‘Twelve Monkeys’ is a 1995 American net-noir science fiction film directed by Terry Gilliam. The movie is about a mysterious group called Twelve Monkeys are believed to be behind the virus which wiped out almost all of humanity in 1996. James Cole a prisoner is selected to collect the information on the virus in order to help the scientists to develop a cure to save the world.

I think the film is trying to remind us of how we should be aware of the things that might have a devastating effect on our living environment, such as the Ebola virus and global warming. These things might not appear to be a huge problem now, but it will eventually become a big issue in our living environment. This is shown in the film that in 1996 a deadly virus has wiped out almost all of humanity, and all the survivors have to live underground. This film is important to us as year 12 students because it can teach us how we should be aware of little things that might not be significant to us right now, but it will eventually become a trouble to us. For example, our homework is the virus, if we don't care about meeting deadlines, ignore and not doing our homework, this might not have a huge impact on us right now, but it will come back on the exam. This can also link back to our society today. There is a research shows that there are only 62% of people
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When those little things add up, there will become a big trouble. And also help us understand that being different to people around us is not wrong, don't give up your own opinion and follow the most popular opinion. Lastly this film reminds us of the dangerous of the biochemical weapon, how we should be aware of it, how we should all do our best to make a safe, clean and peace living
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