What Is The Good Life Essay

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Garett Miller
IUF 1000 section 234H
27 October, 2015
What is the Good Life Essay A popular saying is “live life in the moment.” People believe that by doing this, they will live life to their fullest potential, and this will lead to the good life. This is a good theory, but it is not actually a good idea to life live this way. This is shown by both Herodotus, The History the story of Solon and Croesus, and by the Mike Webster Sports Injury series by Greg Garber. In both of the texts, the fictional Croesus, and the real life Mike Webster both lived their lives “in the moment,” and they actually provide the most significant horrible warnings to show what is not the good life. By living in the moment, neither of these two actually thought about the future while they were living their good lives. If they had thought about the future, and the repercussions that could happen if their way of life was ended, then they may have been able to avoid the inevitable fall that both of them faced. Webster and Croesus both lived the good life for a time, and through both of their stories, we can see that to truly have lived the good life, one must die living it.
While both Webster and Croesus undergo very similar crucibles, there are a few distinct differences between the texts that complement each other, so by understanding one of the texts more clearly, the other can be better understood, which in turn, leads to a better understanding of the good life. One of the main differences
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