What Is The Measure Of Consumer Loyalty

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Measurement of Customer Loyalty

Fundamentals of Consumer Behaviour
Module 5

Customer Loyalty Measurement and Application

Module 5
Customer Loyalty Measurement and Application
Module description
In order to survive in the competitive business environment organisations have to concentrate upon strengthening their consumer’s satisfaction strategies for ensuring consumer loyalty in the long run of business. In order to incorporate a long term customer retention strategy, organisations are in immediate need for assessing and unveiling the reasons and elements prior to the designing and implementation process of the consumer retention programmes. The importance of consumer loyalty could be …show more content…

a) Burke’s Secure Customer Index
b) Performance Assessment
c) Simpact
d) Customer Loyalty Strategy

· Consumer loyalty could be defined as the situation or behaviour derived by the services and quality product of an organisation. The consumer satisfaction is sometimes is at the core of consumer loyalty.
· The importance of consumer loyalty measurement could be realised in terms of delivering understanding to the organisations regarding their present market situation and competitive advantages.
· The consumer loyalty measurement model would be utilised in order to assess the consumer loyalty for products and brands and at the same time it would help in constructing effective consumer retention strategies.
· The consumer loyalty measurement scales would help in addressing the elements that are responsible for delivering understanding in this regard.

Terminal Questions
1) What is the importance of consumer loyalty measurement models?
2) What are the ways in which consumer loyalty measurement scales are produced?
3) Evaluate the ways of using consumer loyalty measurement scales?


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