What Is The Organizational Structure Of Nike

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The most important thing to analyze is to understand how a company implements its strategy and how it is able to create a competitive advantage thanks to the organizational design, the set of choices regarding the combination and the allocation of the resources and the activities inside the company.
To pursue the strategy, the secret is to create and implement an optimal organizational structure. In the Nike case, due to its wide scale of businesses, the company has developed a strong and effective structure that ensures continuous innovation and improvement.
During the ’80, the company’s structure aspect changed, going from a general manager orientation to a matrix model, with the focus on functional and divisional dimensions. It is thus geographically divided to facilitate the regionalization of the business strategy. The main purpose of this kind of …show more content…

The global groups are all headed by a President, an Executive Vice President or a Chief Officer and the main ones are: Office of the President & CEO, Nike Brand, Finance, Human Resources, Product & Merchandising, Administration & Legal, Global Sports Marketing and Operations.
• Semi-Autonomous Geographic Divisions: the company’s operations are divided into segments based on regional markets and each division’s managers optimize operations in the regional market. In 2017, Nike has simplified its structure going from six divisions to four. The current ones are: North America; Europe; Middle East and Africa; Greater China; Pacific Asia and Latin America.
• Global Divisions for Converse and Brand Licensing: the first division is responsible for managing the worldwide operations of Converse and the second one is responsible for licensing the Nike brand. In this way Nike Inc. can control its brand licensing and the operations of

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