What Is The Pursuit Of Happiness In Brave New World

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The pursuit of happiness through drugs
“Happiness is the most pleasurable, desired, pursued, elusive, the emotion of all”.(Thaddeus). Happiness is what everyone wants, which induces some people to seek for it in drugs. In the book, Brave New World soma, alcohol, and sex were the main drugs used by the community to feel happy and escape from reality. Drugs are not the pursuit of happiness: they control the person, affect the body and mind, and keep people from making connections. When a person consumes drugs they lose control over themselves and rely on the drugs to make them feel better. In Brave New World soma was their problem solver. Mustapha Mond tells John the Savage “there is always soma to calm your anger, to reconcile you to your enemies, to make you patient and longsuffering”. (pg 265) As we know when John stopped taking soma he was very irritable and couldn’t control his anger. His behavior lets us see how much John relied on soma and did not know how to take control of his emotions, which led everyone to think he was crazy. Everyone in this book was conditioned to always use soma, so they would not have feelings and live a life of fake happiness, not being able to see their reality. In our world, today people who consume drugs are exposed to the same effects soma had in Brave New World. For example “PCP also known as Angel Dust is a drug that makes the person feel no pain, feel like they have superpowers and takes over the consumer making them commit horrible

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