What Is The Religious Influence Of Leo Tolstoy

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Leo Tolstoy’s religious household, his service in the Russian military during the Crimean War and his time spent traveling abroad, and his descriptive and immersive writing style all come together to make him one of the most highly regarded authors of his time. Being raised in a religious, high-class family that was full of death greatly influenced Tolstoy’s writing of What I Believe, The Death of Ivan Ilyich, and War and Peace. For example, Tolstoy’s heavy religious influence from his family greatly contributed to his writings("Tolstoy, Leo"). Tolstoy’s religious influence is shown in his writing of What I Believe. In this piece of literature by Leo Tolstoy, he expresses his thoughts and his own interpretation of Christian theology …show more content…

In addition, Tolstoy’s heavy gambling addiction after his resignation from the Russian military contributed immensely into his writings.Tolstoy’s addiction to gambling is shown in his writing of The Cossacks ("Tolstoy, Leo"). In Tolstoy’s literary work of The Cossacks, the main character named Olenin, has a gambling addiction and sets out to join the military during the Caucasian War. (Lord) Another influence of Tolstoy’s writings was the time he had spent traveling abroad in Europe, eventually greatly disliking it (“Family Happiness’ Lev Tolstoy”). Tolstoy’s time abroad influenced many of his pieces such as Family Happiness.In the writing of Tolstoy’s Family Happiness, the main protagonist travels to Europe in the book but ends up traveling back to Russia to reclaim her lost happiness, disliking Europe just as Tolstoy had (“Family Happiness’ Lev Tolstoy”). At the end of things, Tolstoy’s writings were immensely

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