What Is The Rights Of Persons With Different Ability?

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1- The body of evidence: An overview of the international normative concept of accessibility The right of Persons with Different Abilities (PDA) to accessible facilities, according to the General Comment no.2 of the UN Committee on the Rights of Disabled Persons , is not only a precondition which without it they could not enjoy their human rights, independent life and equal participation (2014: 1&4), but also other Human Rights conventions have emphasized on it since it is tightly connected to other rights (ibid:1-2). This right, noted in Article 9 of the Convention on the Right of people with disability , includes “access on equal bases” to: “(a) Buildings, roads, transportation and other indoor and outdoor facilities, including …show more content…

Thirdly, one MP, in the assembly, showed others a letter written by DNGOs and signed by thousands of citizens in favor of the bill (ibid). While ratification of the convention and the new law are important developments, implementation is still problematic. Iran’s report shows there are some existing laws regarding the accessibility (IMFA, 2015: 9), however researches and authorities remarks indicate shortcomings. Only 30% of streets in the capital are adapted according to the deputy of SWO (Shokri & Rezvan-Nia, 2015). Also, there are field researches (Mahmoudi & Mazloomi, 2014) and reports (ISCA, 2016, 2017, Tavaana, 2017, Self-helping Disabled People Group, 2016) indicating the existing adapted areas are improper (see figures 1-11 as examples of lack of adaption or inappropriate adaptation ). Figure 1: The blind’s passage is cut by the canal. Photo source: (Nice Passage Design for the Blind, 2017) Figure2, Photo source: (ISCA, 2016) Figure 3, Cement electricity bar has been forgotten to be removed, Photo source: (ISCA, 2016) Figure 4, Photo source: (ISCA, 2017) Figure 5: the bar preventing motorcycles to use the accessible passage is not implemented accurately. Photo source: (Tavaana, 2017) Figure 6: The yellow wall is the wall on the left is the Welfare Center where PDAs go for rehabilitation services in Sanandaj, the center of Kurdistan province.

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