What Is The Role Of Pop Music In The 1960's

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Rock music in the mid 1960's started to manifest itself as something much deeper than just music at face value. The artists that took charge in the distinct change in outlook of the popular music were born in the 1940's era, with the second world war just beginning and the effects of the great depression just starting to diminish. This, with a significant role-model type mindset of the musician initiated the movement toward a more meaningful genre.

In Bob Dylan's moment away from fold music and into rock, his sophomore album, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, the song Masters of War is a protest song arguing the logic of builing up arms in a psychological battle between the United States and the USSR, in the build up of the cold war. This is a great example of how the music of that age was getting more and more real, as he sings about the troubles happening across the world of two superpowers …show more content…

The Beatles, in 1967, recorded Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which displayed musical innovation never thought in pop music. In A Day in the Life, Lennon and McCartney take turns in a call-response type style, describing the morning of a man and a depiction of a car crash. Throughout the album, they move away from the classical recording and playing techniques which, in turn, gives a distinct, eclectic style.

In more group-centric bands, the idea is that no one is overly important or in charge is, in part, due to the layout of rock music in itself. With each player following the same beat, and the absence of purely rythmic instruments, there is a more general spread of playing duties. In a more social aspect, the togetherness of the bands of that day is partially dependent of the counter-culture frame of mind in the 60's, that everyone was

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