What Is The Role Of Talk In Children's Learning

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In order to establish and assess the role of talk in a child’s learning, strong relationships between parents/guardians, teachers and peers should be apparent and work collectively to achieve this in relation to the National Curriculum (2014) spoken language targets. Social Constructivism, based on Vygotsky’s work (1978), can be used to explain how linguistic development is due to the cooperation of social interactions both within the classroom (teacher and peers) and outside of the classroom (parents). Therefore this section will be critically evaluate how relationships have a positive or negative impact upon the role of talk in children’s learning.
Non-pedagogical talk may be developed through a secure and substantial exchange between a …show more content…

Therefore, a teacher is able use this to assess whether targets of spoken language within the English National Curriculum (2014) are being met since Gonzalez’s observations (1996) show that pupils should have developed the ability to explain their understanding of tasks and reading in order to share their ideas before they write (National Curriculum 2014). These NC targets are enhanced through a child’s relationship with their parent because they were able to explore negotiation skills on how to proceed in a joint agreement rather than the task be dominated by an adult (Hoogsteder, Maier & Elbers 1996).
Despite, parents attempting to set achievable goals through talk with children which expands beyond the classroom, relationships must first be made between a teacher and pupil to foster general understanding and strategies. When this trust is formed then strategic classroom discussion can be critical in leading to high levels of thinking and developed comprehension (Applegate, Quinn & Applegate, 2002). However, relationships between peers within the classroom can be proven to be just as effective. Barnes and Todd (1978) suggested in their observations that pupils will be more willing to engage in classroom discussions when talking with peers without the teachers input. Although this

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