The Issue Of Childhood Communication Essay

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Based on my own experience I would like to dive into my position on the issue of childhood communication that directly affects a child’s development and education. Communication is essential to human life. We learn how to communicate first and foremost from our parents, or those who raise us. These people whom we depend on are who determine how we learn to communicate with and understand others. When children are growing up communication is crucial to their innate human nature, and the way they develop as adolescents is a building block to the kinds of relationships they form later in life. Childhood growth and development are indefinitely affected by different environmental and cultural situations in which a child is subject to. When acknowledging the undeniable gaps in maturity between children many factors come into account; money and environment. More importantly my standpoint on this issue would be the idea that children who grow up in a relatively less affluent household/area are more likely to face much more problematic issues with learning and communicating. I argue that the more impoverished an area is the less advanced the communication is between parents and children, but I also believe that there is a disparity between the children who grow up in an affluent setting.
Developmental issues are not solely based on the amount of money a family acquires, but money causes the overall lack of resources that are why these children to struggle with their educations.

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