What Is The Role Of The Air's Role In The War?

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Next, the planes had to actually enter into the war zone of Palestine. The Air TRansport command (ATC) was the name given to the division responsible for carrying the dismantled planes, and the guns, and whatever other weaponry was necessary, over to Israel. Many of the pilots, who would later fly in the war first flew to israel as a pilot for the ACT. For these MACHAL veterans this was their first glimpse of the land they were about to go risk their lives to protect. One example is Freddy Fredkins. He was an ex WWII pilot, from england. Ben-Gurion sent him to obtain fighter planes from England, and ship them to Israel without his homeland ever being the wiser. Another was an early international contributor, named Boris Senior. Boris was a …show more content…

Jack Friedman did play a major role in the reparations to some of the planes, along with teaching others to do the same. They assembled the planes in a bunker on the eve of battle. The night of the assembly of four fighter planes, the bunker adjacent to the one they were working in were bombed. Them and their precious planes were saved by the skin of their teeth. Now that the planes were assembled they were ready to embark on their first combat mission. They took off to answer the desperate call of Shimon Avidan, who summoned the pilots to protect tel aviv from the Egyptian army. If they took tel Aviv, then there would be no Israel. Four pilots took off, two from MACHAL. They were successful in tricking the Egyptians into thinking that there were more coming, and they as a result of this shook their confidence. This proved to be one of the most important flights in the entire IAF, for it made the Egyptians rethink their upfront attack of the Jewish state. The Egyptian army never reached Tel Aviv the following morning. During the first stage of the war Israel was in defence, and stayed that way until the April before they announced their independence. The UNited Nations blamed the Arabs early on for initiating the war, which they admitted to, but did not back down. The air force participated throughout the war, and had a huge impact. Many of the missions they flew seemed insignificant, but every single

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