What Is The Theme Of The Duppy By Anthony Clauck

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The Novel: The Duppy
By: Anthony Winkler
Question: “What was Baps’ occupation in life? And how does his commercial mind-set inform his behaviour in heaven?”

The meaning of behavioural mind-set is the translated forms of information you know as your own values and beliefs in life which is carried out through one’s behaviour in action. The behavioural mind-set cause persons to perform a certain way based on their beliefs and the way of living in society. In the novel The Duppy written by Anthony Winkler, Baps’ commercial mind-set informs his behaviour having a desire in heaven to impose discipline and fiscal restraint on others. As baps was a tutor for ten years and a business owner of three country shops, his commercial mind-set and behaviour …show more content…

Baps’ actions were not to hold a grumble over small misfortune but as he set his mind to chase a specific aim he would not flop but accomplish it. These effects narrowed down to the controversy of man and society, the principles of man versus self and man versus policies. In society imposing discipline and fiscal restraint was not necessary as no one cared about what persons wanted to do in heaven and even earth. As for man versus self, this was cause from how he was elevated growing to become an adult with the preachments from his fellow ancestors to always do his best and work hard at realizing his full potential in pursuing his professions. With man versus policies, these were the regulations from politicians on how they wanted people to stay as it left a mark on baps where he continued it and it was not necessary in heaven. His conduct would also demonstrate from this in heaven and earth with the diverse form of castigations he exposed to people in working hard having an ambition not to be seen by persons in society as a ‘good for nothing’ individual who had no implications of having a

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