What Is The Theme Of The Story The Witness

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The Witness
“If you tell the truth it becomes a part of your past. If you lie it becomes a part of your future”
This quote sums up on how the narrator feels in the short story “The Witness” the story is written by the Australian writer Amy Witting.
The story is about a woman, called Mrs. Ferris. For forty years she has been tormented by her guilty conscience. And now she can’t take it anymore, and therefore decides to tell what really happened. Forty years ago Mrs. Ferris worked for Lillian and Charlie Harrison, and at that time they had just hired a new governess named Damaris Dexter. One day when the governess Damaris and Lil was in the washhouse, Lillian throws caustic into Damaris eyes. And Damaris ends up losing sight of her right eye. …show more content…

Ferris often talks about the glove when she interprets the past. Because if she had just told the truth in court about that glove, everything would might had been different, and she wouldn’t feel that regret and wouldn’t be haunted by the past. It is hard to find the bad guy in this story, because it was Lillian who made another woman blind, but “that woman” as Lillian referees to Damaris had an affair with her husband, and her husband wanted to leave is wife for his mistress. So Lillian made another woman blind, while Damaris ruined her marriage, Charlie cheated on his wife, our narrator told Lillian to keep fighting for Charlie, because she told Lillian “She’ll pay some day”, and she really regret saying that, because she thinks that it might had been a reason for Lil to throw the caustic. And at the same time, they all wants to be the victim, because the ways the stories are told, makes the reader feel sorry them all. And they’re all filled with …show more content…

Ferris doesn’t tell the whole truth. After the trial is over, she turns to the Harrisons to talk to them, and wish them congratulation on winning the case, but Lillian isn’t reacting as our Narrator thought she would, she thought that she would be happy, that she left some parts of the story out, so Lillian wouldn’t be found guilty. Lil and Mrs. Ferris had never talked about what happened. But if Lillian had told her thanks, then that would also be a way to tell that she was guilty and she might also be embarrassed over the whole situation. The friendship between them breaks, and Mrs. Ferris, regrets not telling about the glove. Damaris thanks Mrs. Ferris for helping her wash the eyes, and that also give her an even worse conscience. Through it all Mrs. Ferris has been really naive, for thinking that she did the right thing for Lil, instead of telling the truth. I think that the message is that you have to choose your friends with care, and that the truth has to come out sooner or later, or else it will haunt you for the rest of your life. As the quote saying “If you tell the truth it becomes a part of your past. If you lie it becomes a part of your future”, It pretty much sums up on Mrs. Ferris life today. As she is also saying at the end of the story “I’ve never liked secrets. I’ve never wanted to have one, but I was stuck with that one. Until now, when they’re all dead, and who’s to care? Except me?”, the worst

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