What Is The Theme Of This Is How You Lose Her

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The novel This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz is a group of short stories about Yunior’s struggles growing up in the states. The novel concentrates on his failed relationships with women because of the way he was raised by his family. Coming from a poor home in Santo Domingo, Yunior grows up in America with an absent father, an abusive brother and a distant mother. These stories show how cultural experiences and values are essential elements for helping people grow and succeed in life. This literary analysis of This is How You Lose Her will explain how parenting, death and cultural experiences happen to influence in Yunior’s character and his love life.

Yunior’s altered ego and struggles began after he moved to America with his father. Yunior came with his mother and oldest brother from Santo Domingo to live in …show more content…

In Nilda and The Pura Principle, the author describes how Yunior’s brother is abusive with his women and promiscuous. The first time Yunior smelled a woman’s vagina was after his brother touched his former girlfriend Nilda and “held his finger in front of Yunior’s nose”. (p. 34) This act shows readers how disrespectful and vulgar Rafa was with women. Rafa was also very bad-mannered with his mother. It is clear how his father’s influences were an element in his behavior. Even though his mother ignored how bad he treated her, she always let him get away with whatever he wanted. Rafa being the favorite son, made him seem better than Yunior. After he was diagnosed with cancer, Rafa became angrier and more abusive with his girlfriends. One time Rafa got so angry at one of his girlfriends that “he grabbed her around the parking lot by her hair making her pants go down and show her private parts”. (p. 97) The author explicitly shows how Rafa thought he was powerful among women. These experiences of mistreating women like non humans reflected on Yunior’s life which made him grow up to be just like

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