What Is Tom Robinson's Innocence In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, a little girl named Jean Louise Finch, commonly referred to as Scout, tells the story of how an African American man, named Tom Robinson, is charged for the accusation of rape and how Scout’s father, Atticus, proves Tom’s innocence. Atticus uses the reference about mockingbirds stating that it’s a sin to kill an innocent creature that just makes beautiful music. Tom is a perfect example of this metaphor since he was convicted guilty of rape only because the racism in the town overcame what the proven evidence was stating, not guilty. Tom Robinson was a man that grew up with slavery, and understands that racism is still a growing issue especially in Maycomb County, Alabama. He adjusts his life to what he …show more content…

This fear forms a question most people wonder, “When will I die?” Tom’s question was answered when the verdict was stated and he was going to be sentenced to death. He was going to be killed for a crime he didn’t commit and for what? For giving away his time and devotion to a family that would simply just send him to his death, because of simply their own embarrassment of their actions. He wasn’t even capable of the crime because he was unable to use his right hand. He was unable to use any of his muscles in his right arm because, “Caught it in Mr. Dolphus Raymond’s cotton gin when he was a boy,” (Lee 186). The marks on her throat were all around her neck and most of the damage to her body was on the left side of her face. Tom couldn’t even take the oath with his right hand so how could he have commit rape. He couldn’t and everyone understood by Atticus’s case that Tom was innocent and the real man who committed the crime was Bob Ewell. Everyone knew who was the real man that was guilty but held their tongues. Tom just was an innocent man while the others committed a sin because it is a sin to kill a mockingbird.
Tom’s perseverance became a symbolic symbol in Maycomb County not just as a mockingbird but a symbol of revolution. Through never letting racism destroy him, believing everyone has good in them, and to leaving an impact on the county’s heart when he was convicted guilty. Tom influenced

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