What Is Wrong With Technology?

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Guomin Zou Prof. Coleman Sociology 001 Mar. 3, 2015 What Is Wrong with Technology? “Up to 90% of young adults in major East Asian countries, including China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and South Korea, are nearsighted” (Park par. 3). The main reason that causes this phenomenon is that the East Asian students are overusing technology such as smart phones, Ipads, and computers. These technologies devices are the friends that they spend most time with. Playing video games and watching TV for over two hours each day can really hurt the teenagers’ eyes. However, bad eyesight is not the only impact that technology gives us. Technology is also shortening the time we spend on reading paperback books, obstructing us from gaining knowledge, creating communication problems among teenagers, and weakening our problem solving skills. These impacts can each cause the teenagers and even adults serious problem if they are not aware of them. Technology is “stealing” the time we spend on reading books. As Nicholas Carr has mentioned in his article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Many famous writers are having troubles on reading books. Most of them have not been reading books for months (447). That is one of the impacts that the technology gives us. Teenagers spend most of their time on smart phones and laptops. They have already absorbed enough information from the Internet. As a result, when they are trying to read books, they will feel like they are having a hard time concentrating on

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