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FASID Seminar on Cooperation among NGOs / NPOs, Official Aid Agencies, and Private Corporations towards Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development in Developing Countries
1. Date: September, 18th, 2008, 15:15-16:45 2. Venue:FASID Seminar Room #1 (5th Floor) 3. Presented by: Muhammad A. (Rumee) Ali (Managing Director, Brac Enterprises & Chairman, Brac Bank Limited) 4. Theme: NGO & Private Sector Partnership; BRAC’s experience in business, in partnerships & future opportunities and prospects 5. Brief content of Presentation
BRAC BRAC Bangladesh is one of the largest, diverse and most innovative NGOs in the world with operations in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka, Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania and Afghanistan. BRAC aims to empower the …show more content…

The surplus funds that all the enterprises under BRAC Enterprises provide fund many of BRAC’s non income earning activities, for instance, health and education programs. This has helped BRAC Bangladesh to be 80% donor independent. BRAC works to assist those with potential but do not have financial support or the confidence to succeed. BRAC Enterprises run with the vision of serving the society in a profitable, yet socially ethical manner and stand somewhere between a profit seeking and a non–profit social organization. The efforts of BRAC Enterprises are not driven towards maximizing profit and do not always operate on a purely commercial basis, but we work to benefit our stakeholders, i.e. the millions of deprived and disenfranchised poor of the country. BRAC works with people whose life is dominated by extreme poverty, illiteracy, disease and other handicaps, and BRAC strives to bring about positive changes in the quality of life through multifaceted development interventions. In this context, we think it very important to find the right balance between profit-seeking commercial activity and non-profit social activity. If the businesses aspect is to be emphasized in the context of sustainability, then exploitative business would thus be created. On the other hand, if idealism was to be emphasized on, then sustainability would be lost. We therefore seek to find a balance between a development and a commercial approach.

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