What It Takes to Become a Police Officer

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Police jobs require experience such as two years of work and/or life experience that is directly relating to a combination of skills such as a stable work history, valid driver license and a clean driving record. Having certain skills for this job is very important you need to be able to multi-task you also need to have the ability to use good judgment and need to be able to problem solve. It is necessary to have these skills because you need to be able to use the computer to look up peoples information as you are driving and you also need to be able to problem solve because you never know what a suspect can do you so you will need to think of ways to keep the situation under control and keep the public safe.
Some basic skills you need for this job is being able to write because as a police officer you will be writing reports and creating documents. You need to know how to write because you will also be pulling people over and give them a speeding ticket or any other kind of ticket where you have to document their information. The information that goes on a report would have to be detailed and well written in order for the person to know what they are getting the ticket for. If the ticket…
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