What Kind Of People Actually Needed Therapy?

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As Delsin approached the office of his therapist, Dr. Lindquist, he contemplated what kind of people actually needed therapy. Usually people with some sort of mental issues, right? Delsin had a broken family that had basically disowned him, sure, but did that necessitate therapy? He didn 't think so, as he had been taken in by his best friend Eugene Sims ' family. The Sims had loads of money, given that Eugene 's dad was a doctor and his mother a lawyer. A traumatic event? It was possible. Delsin 's father had been abusive, and his mother all but non-existant. But he and his sister, Abigail, were fine. They coped and dealt with everything their family threw at them without any outside help. It couldn 't have been that. Maybe it was the…show more content…
Delsin opened the door to Dr. Lindquist 's office, stepping inside with a smile. He wore a simple hoodie with jeans, his hands casually resting in the pockets of the hoodie. "Hey," Delsin said with a wave, crossing the room and taking his seat. "Can I get off easy by just saying 'I am fine '? Or how about, 'I 'm tired '. I had a long night last night." LAST NIGHT Wisp stood on the rooftop of a building across the street from the port warehouse, where he had learned through his father that a weapon 's deal between some street gang called the Vipers and a weapons dealer named Arsenal was going down. He fidgeted around, trying to get comfortable in his clothes; he wore a trench coat, closed over a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. On his feet were combat boots, and he wore a stolen pair of his father 's work gloves, with a ski mask and tinted goggles to hide his identity. Tonight was his first night out as a hero, and what a night it would be. "Can you seem them yet, Del?" came a male, puberty ridden voice over the bluetooth headset Wisp wore under his mask. It was the voice of Eugene Sims, Wisp 's close friend and tech master. Eugene might as well of had super powers; the kid was a prodigy when it came to anything technological. Using self-designed apps and medical equipment Eugene had stolen from his father, Eugene was monitoring Wisp 's levels of POWER and vital signs from his home, as well as
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