What Kind of Man Is Carlson?

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As science recall, most often the reason why bullies intimidate others is because they are actually not as fierce as they act Flike on the inside. People living in the 1930s, famously known as the time of the Great Depression are all bullies in the gloomy reality they are living in. Carlson is a character in the book, Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck, represent the typical man living in that era. He is one of the ranch workers that George and Lennie meet. Carlson is not a very joyful person to be around because of the following: he is violent, extremely selfish, and uncaring.

For starters, Carlson is very unlikable because he has a prodigious interest in guns and violence. One of the most obvious traits that Carlson has is …show more content…

Thirdly, Carlson is repugnant because he has a cold heart. After Lennie’s death, instead of conforting George like Slim, he says to Curley, “’Now what the hell ya suppose is eatin’ them two guys’” (107). He had no intention of having pity on George. Moreover, when the guys came over to find the dead body of Lennie , the first thing that Carlson asked George is, “’How’d you do it”’ (107). This does not show one bit of compassion or sympathy of George’s

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