What Makes A Good Leader?

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1. It is important for nurses to be good leaders? Discuss qualities you have observed in nurses that exemplify effective leadership in action? How do you think the observed behaviors help to improve patient outcomes?
Ans. Yes it is important for nurses to be good leaders as nurses are at the forefront of the healthcare system. According Wallace (2013), in order for patients to receive the best care possible in a timely and safely manner, nurses have to become good leaders for this to be accomplished. And by becoming a good leader, nurses will not only make decision that will not only benefit the patient as a consumer of the healthcare system, but, more importantly, the nurse, as a leader, will have to do so in a efficient
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Taylor - Scientific measurement – example, in the twenty first century with improvements in science and technology, nurses are expected to incorporate evidence based research techniques into their daily practice in the health care setting (Marquis & Huston, 2014). Lewin and White - leadership styles – example, in the healthcare setting the nurse manager will go back and forth between leadership styles that are believed to be the best way of dealing with a particular problem (Marquis & Huston, 2014). Fielder - Contingency leadership – example, Jeff Bezos , CEO of Amazon, uses on a daily basis different leadership styles according to the seriousness of the matter that is present at hand (Marquis & Huston, 2014). Follett - Participative Management – example, in the healthcare setting, when different members of the health team come together to give their inputs on how to make the unit function more better and in an efficient manner (Marquis & Huston, 2014).
4. The individual that I admire is Jeff Bezos, why because; I see a lot of the leadership traits/qualities that was discussed in class in him.
Ans. Some of the qualities that I see in him that I admired are as follows: he is able to use his vision and values to motivate others into believing his goals, he not only thinks about the short term gains for his business, but more importantly, for continuous success of his business in the long run. He is willing to take
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