What Makes A Good Livestock Animal?

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Alpacas and Llamas What makes a good livestock animal? Many things are to be considered when choosing a livestock animal. Every animal is raised for different reasons. Llamas and Alpacas are some examples of livestock animals. While llamas and alpacas seem similar, they have many differences. Llamas are slightly bigger than alpacas and have many physical differences. Other than physical differences, llamas and alpacas have different purposes. Both animals are good livestock animals to raise, but which one is better? Based on the animal 's purpose, disposition, maintenance, cost, and behavior, an alpaca makes a better livestock animal than a llama. One way to compare alpacas to llamas is by their purpose of being raised. When choosing…show more content…
Alpacas are known to be a follower, whereas a llama is more of a leader. Alpacas can be skittish and get spooked easily. Usually an alpaca does not come directly up to you to be fed or pet, but if you raise them when they are young they will get comfortable with you and trust you. Because alpacas are so skittish, they make easy prey for predators. Llamas are the opposite when it comes to their personality. Llamas will come up to you and let you touch them. Llamas are also pack leaders meaning they look out for their herd and other animals. Llamas are also independent. If you want to get one llama, the llama would live fine on its own. An alpaca is a herd animal. If you want to get an alpaca, you would need to have more than one alpaca.
The maintenance of an alpaca or llama is a big part in owning a livestock animal. You want to make sure you get an animal that fits your daily routine and schedule. If you do not have time to thoroughly take care of a certain animal, it would be best to invest in a different animal. You need the basics of raising an animal which are to feed the animal, give it water, and have the proper space for the animal. Alpacas are rather simple to take care of. Not much grooming is needed, but they need to be sheared once a year. Llamas are almost the same as alpacas, but llamas need to be brushed once in a while. If an alpaca is brushed, it can ruin their fur.the grooming and maintenance of these animals is not
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