What Makes A Perfect Market?

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When thinking about a perfect market a couple words should come to mind: availability and price. For the market to be going well for the supplier, the customer will need to be satisfied. To turn things around, the customer has to depend on the supplier. This is where availability comes in to play. The supplier’s job is to make sure the customer is able to access their products as easy as possible. Even though some companies to this day do not use e-commerce, in a perfect market e-commerce has to be used. The reason for this is simple and is that customers want to be able to access their wants and needs whenever and wherever they want as easy as possible (Brandt, 2011).
From a supplier’s perspective, a perfect market would be considered perfect if it is extremely difficult for those new competitors to come in to the market, the customers have very little power to influence the pricing of the products, and the competition is low in the particular industry. There would also be little or no substitutes for the product. From a customer’s perspective, a perfect market being considered perfect would be almost the opposite of the supplier’s perspective. The customers want competition in the industry to influence prices. If there wasn’t any competition then the supplier could raise the prices tremendously and really add stress to the customers purchase. Another key factor in a perfect market from the customer’s perspective is the availability of substitute products. This allows for…
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