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Striving for Achievement: What Makes a Medical Student Successful?


As an academic advisor that works predominately with students planning to apply to medical school, I am often asked two common questions. The first is one is asked by many first and second year students: “What do I need to do to make sure I get into medical school?” Not an easy question to answer. The second question is often asked by students who have achieved success in their own eyes and been admitted to at least one medical school: “How will I continue to be successful?” Without having gone to medical school myself, or having even thought about doing so for that matter, one the best things I can think of to to is conduct research to help support my …show more content…

My goal in writing this paper is to identify any commonalities, academic or not, in students who have been admitted to medical school, completed their undergraduate medical education and clinical practice period (ie. residency, clerkship, etc). By doing so, I hope to provide my students with some concrete answers to the questions about success.

The Current State of Research

Article 1:
Title: Predicting success in medical school: a longitudinal study of common Australian student selection tools
Author: Ruth M Sladek, Malcom J. Bond, Linda K. Frost and Kristy N. Prior
Date: 2016

This article examines the predictive validity of GPA (also referred to as previous academic achievement), standardized tests (the Graduate Australian Medical School referred to as the GAMSAT) and interviews (which aim to reveal nonacademic qualities) of potential medical students to determine which will be successful in medical school. To accomplish this goal, Sladek, Bond, Frost and Prior conducted a retrospective study using four different cohorts of medical students between the years of 2006 and 2009. The study included the collection of a great amount of data for comparison for the 382 students who participated. Data collected included information from the selection process such as GAMSAT scores, weighted GPA from undergraduate studies and scores from the six domains rated during the interview process. Data collected about the students’ performance while in medical

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