What Makes A Teacher?

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Anyone can ask someone why they want to be a teacher. The answer could be very simple. They would answer something along the lines of they enjoy working with children. However, there is a variety of different of occupations that give someone the opportunity to work with children, but what truly attracted me to Early Childhood Education?
Anyone can say that children are super cute, or goofy. Of course that is benefit, that is not what attracted me to this field. When I look at a child I see so much more. I notice how observant they are; they are full of curiosity. A majority would say a child enjoys learning, even if it is the simplest things. Children are carefree, the only thing they worry about is who stole their crayons.
Growing up, I
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All the creativity that comes with being a teacher is not the same as it used to be in my opinion. It is my goal to make students want to love to learn because, they are full of curiosity. The littlest things can amaze them and inspire them. However, how you teach is what makes it stick. Not many can say they remember the pointless story times or drawing competitions. I remember the hands on activities and the guest speakers. As a teacher there are a variety of different opportunities to make learning fun for children.
In high school, I never thought I would consider being a teacher. I enjoyed working with children, but never thought I would consider teaching as an occupation. Then I thought of things differently. I was an assistant dance teacher in high school. But, what did I truly love about the job? I did enjoy working with children, but what I enjoyed the most is teaching them and watching them grow. It wasn’t just the children that made me smile, it was watching them improve and teaching them. But, watching them learn something new for the first time does not only put a smile on their face, it puts a smile on mine which is truly rewarding. In Carol Garboden Murray’s Article, she emphasized how rewarding her job is. “I’ve learned that being an early childhood educator is the most misunderstood, dynamic, complicated, and rewarding work imaginable.” Overall, that is the
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