What Makes Frankenstein A Gothic Novel?

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Ryan Watts
Mrs. Shroder
English IV
December 4, 2016
What makes Frankenstein a gothic novel?
Mary Shelley creates a sense of gloom, mystery, and suspense, in her novel Frankenstein. The book generates these perceptions though the setting and the terrible events that go on throughout the book. Gothic novels came from the English genre of fiction popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Gothics are defined by the mysterious and horrific atmosphere, similar to that of Mary Shelley’s writing. Frankenstein is a gothic novel because of the combined elements of extreme and sinister landscapes, horrifying events, supernatural elements, and a passionate, wilful villain.
The first reason why Frankenstein fits into the gothic genre is because of the …show more content…

The monster 's appearance causes his creator to abandon him and prevents him from normal human interaction. He is forced to learn about the world on his own and spends most of his time watching others. Frankenstein is not the only one negatively affected by his existence. In the process of bringing the monster to life, Victor had deprived himself of rest and health, causing him to fall ill for several months. Shortly after his recovery, Victor learns his younger brother has been murdered. Frankenstein has killed his creator’s brother and framed an innocent girl to get back at Victor for abandoning him. After the girl is executed, Victor becomes consumed with guilt knowing he is responsible for two of his family members deaths. The monster does not stop there, he goes on to kill Victor’s friend Henry and fiance, Elizabeth. Because of his creation, Victor is haunted by depression and guilt for most of his life and died a lonely death hunting Frankenstein.
Another reason why Frankenstein fits into the gothic genre is the supernatural elements it presents. The most obvious supernatural element is the creation of the monster, Frankenstein. The mysterious ways in which Victor Frankenstein brought the monster to life were unclear, adding to the sinister feeling of the novel and reinforcing it in the gothic genre. However Victor brought him to life gave him superhuman speed and strength; “He bounded over the crevices in the ice, among which I had walked

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